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Q&A: Atul Kshirsagar

Closer and closer we get to the opening keynote of Cloud Foundry Summit 2015 (May 11-12 in Santa Clara…you registered already, right?). Continuing our series of Q&As with speakers you’ll see at the Summit is GE Software’s senior staff software engineer, Atul Kshirsagar.


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your career history.

I have more than 15 years of experience in design, analysis, development and architecture of high performance, distributed and scalable enterprise application. I spent 8 years in the networking industry and was the architect of the market-leading Network Management System. My current focus is on adding multi-protocol router support in Cloud Foundry.


How did you get involved in Cloud Foundry?

GE Software decided to go with Cloud Foundry as PAAS solution for industrial internet and I was chosen as their first dojo participant. I completed 8 weeks of dojo training in Diego team and then decided to stay on the Diego team as a full time member.

What you are speaking about at CF Summit?

I will be speaking about a new initiative that GE Software is kicking off in the Cloud Foundry community. We are leading an effort to add TCP routing capability to CF that will allow developers to use IoT protocols in their apps.

Why do you think what your talk is about is important?

Currently Cloud Foundry only supports the HTTP protocol to communicate with applications deployed in Cloud Foundry. However, most IoT use cases connect applications to machines using non-HTTP protocols (MQTT, DDS, CoAP..etc). This talk will provide insight into how GE software is developing support for IoT protocols in Cloud Foundry so that applications deployed in Cloud Foundry are not limited to HTTP. This is a great opportunity for IoT developers to understand the technical approach and connect with us to further address any other IoT use cases.

What do you hope people learn?

I hope that people will come away with an understanding of the use cases that GE’s industrial customers require around IoT and the technical approach that GE is taking to lead Cloud Foundry into the IoT world.

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