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Snyk Joins Cloud Foundry Foundation

Leading Open Source Solution Platform Aims to Prevent Data Breaches to Accelerate Development of Cloud Foundry applications

San Francisco, CA — October 11, 2017 — Snyk, the leading solution for addressing vulnerabilities in open source libraries, today announced it has joined the Cloud Foundry Foundation, home of the industry-standard platform for cloud applications, as a Silver member. Snyk joins Dell EMC, Google, IBM, Microsoft, VMware, SAP, SUSE, VMware and more than 60 technology innovators as a Foundation member. Through its membership, Snyk will help Cloud Foundry users continuously find and fix vulnerable open source libraries in their applications, accelerating software development while preventing data breaches.

“Cloud Foundry helps organizations transform and accelerate the way they deliver and operate software,” said Guy Podjarny, CEO, Snyk Ltd. “The way we secure our applications and their open source dependencies needs to adapt to these new surroundings. Through our membership, we aim to deepen and simplify the remediation of vulnerable open source libraries for Cloud Foundry applications.”

Snyk helps companies use open source code and stay secure. Going beyond alerts, Snyk’s solution continuously fixes vulnerabilities in open source libraries, relying on a unique vulnerability database built by its Israeli security research team. Aligned with Cloud Foundry’s philosophy, Snyk empowers developers to secure their dependencies quickly and independently, so addressing issues takes minimal distraction. The solution integrates tightly into source control, CI/CD and buildpacks, and monitors deployed Cloud Foundry applications to uncover vulnerable libraries in stale droplets, accelerating the response to newly disclosed vulnerabilities.

“Cloud Foundry has always been committed to offering a secure platform, and continues to invest in security,” said Abby Kearns, Executive Director, Cloud Foundry Foundation. “Snyk now extends this security to the applications that run on the Cloud Foundry platform, by addressing the large and growing risk of vulnerable open source libraries. We welcome them as a member and look forward to their contributions to the community.”

Snyk will continue to work closely with the Cloud Foundry Foundation to better integrate and evolve its solution into the platform, and apply its security expertise and tools to the development and security of the Cloud Foundry platform itself.

About Snyk
Snyk is a developer-first security solution that helps you use open source code and stay secure. Building on its unique vulnerability database, Snyk continuously finds and fixes known vulnerabilities and license violations in open source dependencies. Snyk integrates seamlessly into the developer workflow, tightly integrating with source control (e.g. GitHub, GitLab), hooking into your CI/CD (e.g. Jenkins, Concourse) pipelines and continuously monitoring PaaS and Serverless apps in production. To learn more, visit

About Cloud Foundry Foundation
The Cloud Foundry Foundation is an independent non-profit organization formed to sustain the development, promotion and adoption of Cloud Foundry as the industry standard platform for cloud applications. Cloud Foundry makes it faster and easier to build, test, deploy and scale applications. Cloud Foundry is hosted by The Linux Foundation and is an Apache 2.0 licensed project available on Github: To learn more, visit:


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