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Security Advisory

USN-3119-1: Bind vulnerability

USN-3119-1: Bind vulnerability




Canonical Ubuntu

Versions Affected

  • Canonical Ubuntu 14.04 LTS


Bind could be made to crash if it received specially crafted network traffic.

Tony Finch and Marco Davids discovered that Bind incorrectly handled certain responses containing a DNAME answer. A remote attacker could possibly use this issue to cause Bind to crash, resulting in a denial of service.

Affected Products and Versions

Severity is medium unless otherwise noted.

  • Cloud Foundry BOSH stemcells are vulnerable, including:
    • All versions prior to 3151.5
    • 3233.x versions prior to 3233.6
    • 3263.x versions prior to 3263.12
    • 3312.x versions prior to 3312.7
    • All other versions
  • All versions of Cloud Foundry cflinuxfs2 prior to v.1.90.0


Users of affected versions should apply the following mitigation:

  • The Cloud Foundry team recommends upgrading to the following BOSH stemcells:
    • Upgrade all lower versions of 3151.x to version 3151.5
    • Upgrade all lower versions of 3233.x to version 3233.6
    • Upgrade all lower versions of 3263.x to version 3263.12
    • Upgrade all lower versions of 3312.x to version 3312.7
  • The Cloud Foundry project recommends that Cloud Foundry deployments run with cflinuxfs2 v.1.90.0 or later versions


Tony Finch, Marco Davids


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