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Security Advisory

USN-3675-1: GnuPG vulnerabilities

USN-3675-1: GnuPG vulnerabilities




Canonical Ubuntu

Versions Affected

  • Canonical Ubuntu 14.04


Marcus Brinkmann discovered that during decryption or verification, GnuPG did not properly filter out terminal sequences when reporting the original filename. An attacker could use this to specially craft a file that would cause an application parsing GnuPG output to incorrectly interpret the status of the cryptographic operation reported by GnuPG. (CVE-2018-12020)

Lance Vick discovered that GnuPG did not enforce configurations where key certification required an offline master Certify key. An attacker with access to a signing subkey could generate certifications that appeared to be valid. This issue only affected Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. (CVE-2018-9234)

Affected Cloud Foundry Products and Versions

Severity is medium unless otherwise noted.

  • Cloud Foundry BOSH stemcells are vulnerable, including:
    • 3586.x versions prior to 3586.23
    • 3541.x versions prior to 3541.34
    • 3468.x versions prior to 3468.51
    • 3445.x versions prior to 3445.51
    • 3421.x versions prior to 3421.66
    • 3363.x versions prior to 3363.65
    • All other stemcells not listed.
  • All versions of Cloud Foundry cflinuxfs2 prior to 1.215.0


OSS users are strongly encouraged to follow one of the mitigations below:

  • The Cloud Foundry project recommends upgrading the following BOSH stemcells:
    • Upgrade 3586.x versions to 3586.23
    • Upgrade 3541.x versions to 3541.34
    • Upgrade 3468.x versions to 3468.51
    • Upgrade 3445.x versions to 3445.51
    • Upgrade 3421.x versions to 3421.66
    • Upgrade 3363.x versions to 3363.65
    • All other stemcells should be upgraded to the latest version available on
  • The Cloud Foundry project recommends that Cloud Foundry deployments run with cflinuxfs2 version 1.215.0 or later.


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