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Security Advisory

USN-6719-1: util-linux vulnerability

USN-6719-1: util-linux vulnerability




Canonical Ubuntu

Versions Affected

  • Canonical Ubuntu 22.04


Skyler Ferrante discovered that the util-linux wall command did not filter escape sequences from command line arguments. A local attacker could possibly use this issue to obtain sensitive information. Update Instructions: Run `sudo pro fix USN-6719-1` to fix the vulnerability. The problem can be corrected by updating your system to the following package versions: bsdutils – 1:2.34-0.1ubuntu9.5 No subscription required fdisk – 2.34-0.1ubuntu9.5 libblkid-dev – 2.34-0.1ubuntu9.5 libblkid1 – 2.34-0.1ubuntu9.5 libfdisk-dev – 2.34-0.1ubuntu9.5 libfdisk1 – 2.34-0.1ubuntu9.5 libmount-dev – 2.34-0.1ubuntu9.5 libmount1 – 2.34-0.1ubuntu9.5 libsmartcols-dev – 2.34-0.1ubuntu9.5 libsmartcols1 – 2.34-0.1ubuntu9.5 libuuid1 – 2.34-0.1ubuntu9.5 mount – 2.34-0.1ubuntu9.5 rfkill – 2.34-0.1ubuntu9.5 util-linux – 2.34-0.1ubuntu9.5 util-linux-locales – 2.34-0.1ubuntu9.5 uuid-dev – 2.34-0.1ubuntu9.5 uuid-runtime – 2.34-0.1ubuntu9.5 No subscription required

Affected Cloud Foundry Products and Versions

Severity is unknown unless otherwise noted.

  • cflinuxfs4
    • All versions prior to 1.85.0
  • Jammy Stemcells
    • 1.x versions prior to 1.423
    • All other stemcells not listed.
  • CF Deployment
    • All versions with Jammy Stemcells prior to 1.423


Users of affected products are strongly encouraged to follow the mitigations below.

The Cloud Foundry project recommends upgrading the following releases:

  • cflinuxfs4
    • Upgrade all versions to 1.85.0 or greater
  • Jammy Stemcells
    • Upgrade 1.x versions to 1.423 or greater
    • All other stemcells should be upgraded to the latest version available on
  • CF Deployment
    • For all versions, upgrade Jammy Stemcells to 1.423 or greater



2024-05-02: Initial vulnerability report published.

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