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Video: Overview of Diego, Cloud Foundry’s Official Runtime

2017 Highlights Series

Have you always wondered about Diego, the official runtime for Cloud Foundry? If you operate a Cloud Foundry deployment and want to understand how all its components work together, then you’ll want to watch this talk from Eric Malm, Product Manager for the Cloud Foundry Runtime Diego team at VMware.

Malm detailed improvements made to Diego in the past year, emphasizing the focus on scalability, security, reliability and interoperability.

The team reached its lofty goal of running 250,000 application instances and generating traffic logging onto the platform across over twelve hundred cells. This success has given the Diego team the confidence it is ready to support even the largest Cloud Foundry deployments out there.

Malm mentioned the various standardization efforts around container technologies such as runtime, image format, storage and container networking interfaces and how Cloud Foundry teams have been working to integrate those standards with Cloud Foundry.

From an interoperability perspective, these new improvements are not limited to Linux users. The Windows Garden teams are working on integrating these standards to provide their own Windows specific implementation of running containers. However, most of this work is still not ready for production on Windows.

Throughout his talk, Malm introduced various Cloud Foundry components to allow users to run workload on Cloud Foundry across potentially very large deployments. Some of these components include cfdot, cf-push, Consul, route-emitter, auctioneer, locket, Garden and more.

Going forward, the team will focus on improving Diego in areas like managing lifecycle of app instances and working with CAPI teams to ensure zero downtime updates. As always, there will be a strong focus on further improving security, stability and performance of the core system as well as ensuring they provide the best container runtime system for Cloud Foundry.

Operate your Diego-backed Cloud Foundry deployment with confidence — Watch the video:


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