What We Learned After Five Years of Cloud Foundry at Rakuten

August 24, 2016

A team of seven engineers at Rakuten, a Japanese ecommerce and Internet company, has been running Cloud Foundry in production for five years on over 5,000 virtual servers. In this video, DevOps engineers Ronak Banka and Carlo Alberto Ferraris demonstrate their breadth of experience, and share valuable lessons learned from their time running one of the world’s largest Cloud Foundry deployments to make operations and maintenance efforts scale efficiently.

Watch the video to learn the scope of solutions to empower users. Here’s a preview of lessons learned from the talk:

  • Know when to say no! Don’t try to make everything fit.
  • Forking is a terrible idea. There is far too much value in the community and too much momentum.
  • Design for failure! When you reach this scale, things fail all the time. Assuming that things will work is a mistake.
  • Engineering time doesn’t scale. Don’t yield to the temptation of turning cattle into pets!
  • Know what your platform is doing! Make sure you have access to your information.

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Caitlyn O'Connell, AUTHOR

As Senior Marketing Manager of Cloud Foundry Foundation, Caitlyn runs content and manages diversity programming.