Free Community Workshops

To help people get started using Cloud Foundry, the community has made available three beginner workshops. They are developed under the Apache open source licensing model, giving anyone the ability to freely use the materials to become more proficient on Cloud Foundry, as well as to contribute to the content. By the community, for the community.


Cloud Foundry for Beginners: From Zero to Hero

Learn about deploying and managing applications on Cloud Foundry. You will get an overview of Cloud Foundry and how it works, including specifics relating to services, buildpacks, and architecture. You will also look at how to effectively work with Cloud Foundry in your organization.

This training is targeted at people with little or no Cloud Foundry experience but some experience delivering web-based applications. If you’re curious to learn how Cloud Foundry can help you focus on development and innovation, rather than infrastructure plumbing, this is the right course for you.

Microservices on Cloud Foundry: Going Cloud Native

This course is designed to give attendees a hands on experience of designing applications for Cloud Foundry. You will get an overview of Cloud Foundry and its tools from the point of view of an application developer and how to architect polyglot applications for deployment and scaling in the cloud.

This training is targeted at developers with little hands-on Cloud Foundry experience and those who have an interest in deploying innovative, microservice-based systems into the cloud.

Operating a Platform: BOSH and Everything Else

Have you ever wondered how to deploy and operate a platform that’s designed to deploy and operate applications? Read through this course material to understand the basics of how to deploy and manage the Cloud Foundry platform as well as the stateful data services that power cloud native applications. It includes an operational overview of Cloud Foundry and data services, and how these can be deployed with the cluster orchestration tool, “BOSH”.

This training is targeted at people with little to no Cloud Foundry BOSH experience but who have some experience managing Linux-based systems. If you’re curious to learn how BOSH can help you deploy and manage Cloud Foundry and other complex systems.

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