Our community maintains docs related to Application Runtime and BOSH – the two platforms that comprise Cloud Foundry.


The best way to experience Cloud Foundry is by using a certified platform. If you choose to download Cloud Foundry and run it yourself, here’s how.


Cloud Foundry can be installed as a single developer environment (via BOSH Lite) for experimentation, but is typically deployed into a larger infrastructure cloud via BOSH. Supported platforms include AWS, OpenStack, vSphere, vCloud Director and vCloud Air. BOSH also supports a plugin architecture for additional IaaS targets, although those plugins are not part of the foundation release.

What’s BOSH?

BOSH is an open source tool chain for release engineering, deployment and lifecycle management of large scale distributed services. It’s the default deployment and management platform for Cloud Foundry operators.

BOSH installs and updates software packages on large numbers of VMs over many IaaS providers with the absolute minimum of configuration changes.

What’s CF-Deployment?

CF-Deployment is the preferred method for deploying Cloud Foundry using BOSH. To deploy Cloud Foundry, start with cf-deployment, which will generate a custom manifest for your deployment.  BOSH will take it from there.

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