Cloud Foundry Engineering

Cloud Foundry is leading the change toward simplifying application development and deployment in the enterprise. There are hundreds of platform engineers – called Committers – who are dedicated to building the cloud app platform of the future. Collaborate on the industry’s leading open source cloud application platform being used by enterprises around the globe.

Earning Committer Status

Being a Committer on many Cloud Foundry projects requires that you are able to work on the project full-time (or close to full-time). Having the support of your employer is important – Committers are typically employed by companies that participate in Cloud Foundry as a member or Certified Platform.

Pair ProgrammingAn engineer can earn the committer status in one of three ways:

  • Active Contributor: Anyone can become a Contributor and submit bugs. You may also become a Committer by delivering a number of significant pull requests against the backlog that have been merged with little to no rework needed.
  • Nomination: An engineer may be nominated to become a Committer by a current Committer on a given Project, as long as the nomination is approved by the Project Lead.
  • Cloud Foundry Dojo (Invitation Only): Cloud Foundry Dojos are physical spaces where Committers work together on the Cloud Foundry platform. The Dojo program is a unique approach to gaining Committer status by working in-person with other Cloud Foundry engineers. Participation typically lasts 6-12 weeks and participants must be onsite at one of eight Dojos worldwide for the duration of the program. Contact for more information.

Cloud Foundry Dojo

The Process

  • Candidates start with a paired programming interview to assess technical and communication skills.
  • Passing candidates are then be placed into one of the project teams (subject to availability).
  • At the end of their Dojo experience, candidates may be offered a role as a Committer on the project.

Your Commitment

  • Participants are expected to participate in person for at least 6 weeks.
  • If a participant is offered a position as a Committer on a project, they are expected to continue for at least a year.
  • Committers work full time with the project teams, either in-person or via remote pairing.