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The Cloud Foundry Summit 2021 – Special Co-chairs Panel

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Join our panel of co-chairs, and transform your (inert) idea into a submission for the Cloud Foundry Summit 2021!

What’s this live stream about?
The CFP deadline for the Cloud Foundry Summit is fast approaching (21st May 2021). We thought it would be a great idea to host our co-chairs for a discussion about what they look forward to seeing at the Summit. We anticipate a lot of idea-sharing and inspiring inside takes on what are the hot topics in the Cloud Foundry, Paketo, and Service Brokers realm.

Who or what are co-chairs?
The CF Summit co-chairs are the awesome technologists who will be responsible for selecting CFPs and shaping the Summit agenda.

Why bother attending this session?
Well, if you’re someone who is unsure about your CFP yet, or are looking for ideas and fresh takes on the work you’re doing, particularly in relation to Cloud Foundry,  attending this talk – we believe – will help give you that edge you’re looking for.

What is the Cloud Foundry Summit?
Community Collaboration with a Mission!
Cloud Foundry Summit is all about collaboration with, and within, the Cloud Foundry open source community. With a strong focus on sharing and learning, the event highlights our community’s mission to make cloud-native software development simpler, faster and more productive. Attend Summit to collaborate with your community peers, to become a contributor, or to discover how to be a more productive developer.

From startups to the Fortune 500, the world-class developer experience of Cloud Foundry has years of success helping organizations deliver software faster. Our community has broadened its mission, working to bring that same level of success to Kubernetes users everywhere. Cloud Foundry Summit is where the global community moves forward together.

The co-chairs who will be joining us for the panel discussion are:

  • Piyali Banerjee, VMware
  • DaShaun Carter, Redis Labs
  • James Hunt, Stark & Wayne
  • Beyhan Veli, SAP
  • Amelia Downs, VMware
  • Mark Fynes, VMware
  • Chris Clark, CFF

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