Building Bridges: How Open Source Cloud Technologies Foster Interoperability

March 6, 2019

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Cloud Foundry is an integral part of the movement creating interoperability among the open source, cloud-native ecosystem. Complementary, interlocking open source technologies like Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes and the Open Service Broker API are shifting the way industries function. These technologies weave together flexibility and application development for virtually any type of business.

What began as a grassroots movement among developers has mushroomed into a massive collaborative community. Linux laid the groundwork in 1991, and the Linux Foundation continues to host the world’s leading open source projects. Today, projects like Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes, as well as standards like the Open Container Initiative, effectively serve as the voice of the people. The developers creating these projects are defining the next generation of technology infrastructure.

In this webinar, Chip Childers will underscore the importance of interoperability in the ecosystem, including how Cloud Foundry integrates with Kubernetes, and how open source cloud technology delivers the most flexible, scalable strategy to drive the future of business.

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