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How to Setup Simple CI/CD Pipelines that can Deploy To Kubernetes with Cloud Foundry

February 26, 2021 / 9 AM-10 AM PST

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Being able to deploy code continuously to production is an important need for software engineering teams today.

By introducing modern elements such as Kubernetes to cloud-based infrastructure, engineering teams are facing increased complexity in setting up these CI/CD pipelines. Installing Cloud Foundry, specifically the cf-for-k8s project, provides a greatly simplified experience not only for individual developers but for setting up CI/CD pipelines as well. Using a Cloud Foundry abstraction over Kubernetes is a step towards more efficient development and delivery of software.

In this live stream, Shedrack and Ram – developer advocates at Cloud Foundry Foundation – present two approaches. One using GitLab Runner and another using GitHub Actions. Using either approach will get you started with automating your deployments to Kubernetes.

About the Speakers

Ram Iyengar

Cloud Foundry Developer Advocate

Shedrack Akintayo

Cloud Foundry Developer Advocate

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