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Kubernetes CI/CD Made Easy With Cloud Foundry

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Kubernetes deployments are complex!

And the complexity only increases as you add automation to Kubernetes deployments. Long YAML files, tedious pipeline development, and maintaining the pipelines take up a lot of time and effort, resulting in needless toil for developers and platform operators. 

What if there was a simpler way to create automation pipelines that deployed to Kubernetes? 

The solution lies in using the Cloud Foundry PaaS installed on a Kubernetes cluster. The cf-for-k8s project ( thoughtfully combines the Cloud Foundry developer experience with the power of Kubernetes. It is built on top of other open source, cloud native, and Kubernetes primitives such as Istio, Envoy, and Fluentd. 

Catch this live stream to learn how you can reduce the complexity greatly with your favourite CI/CD tools such as Travis, Jenkins, and CircleCI. We chose these as they’re among the most common tools out there and have a wonderful community that surrounds them. 

About the Speakers

Ram Iyengar

Developer Advocate

Shedrack Akintayo

Developer Advocate

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