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Modernize Your Platforms: Cloud Foundry Local-To-Prod

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Modernize your local development and deployment workflows with Cloud Foundry!

Simplified developer workflows that mimic production deployments are rare. Using Cloud Foundry PaaS will allow developers to create a homogenous experience when building and staging apps locally, all the way up to production. Having parity across staging instances will bring enormous benefits to software engineering teams, especially in the areas of reliability and security. We have documented some aspects of the problem in the past and how Cloud Foundry helps solve this.

Join our special guest Ashish Thakur, Head of the Cloud Engineering practice at Srijan. Ashish is a technology enthusiast and spends his time focused on Application and Platform modernization. In this live stream, we will focus on installing Cloud Foundry for Kubernetes (cf-for-k8s) locally and explore how that simplifies the developer workflow and overall experience when deploying to Kubernetes.

Ashish shares his experience in discovering CF and will be joined by Ram Iyengar who will also help answer some questions about Cloud Foundry operations at scale.

About the Speakers

Ashish Thakur

Head - Cloud Engineering

Ram Iyengar

Developer Advocate

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