Monitoring Cloud Foundry: How to effectively keep track of your platform and applications

February 16, 2021

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Cloud Foundry serves as the backbone of your critical applications. When things go wrong on the platform, it’s essential that operators and developers can identify and investigate issues quickly–before damage is done. But with so many components and moving pieces, where do you even start the troubleshooting process? How do you know what to look for and identify the root cause?

Join Dhruv Sahni and Andrew Connolly from Datadog, as they cover tips and best practices for how to effectively monitor your Cloud Foundry environment and applications, in the modern cloud era – so that routine issues don’t become five-alarm fires.

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About the Speakers

Andrew Connolly

Product Marketing at Datadog

Andrew is a Product Marketer at Datadog, and lives in Brooklyn. His career has spanned over 7 years in consulting and enterprise software. When not thinking about all things Datadog, he is probably exploring parks and restaurants across the city (or just scrolling through Twitter).

Dhruv Sahni

Product Manager at Datadog

Dhruv is a Product Manager at Datadog, and lives in New York city. His career has spanned over 10 years across multiple roles in product, engineering and consulting. When he isn't working on new Datadog integrations, he is probably at a cafe somewhere, sampling their cold brew.

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