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Platforms on Kubernetes ― an Engineer’s Perspective

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Considering a platform for your Kubernetes needs?

Kubernetes is a powerful platform for managing containerized workloads, but it can be complex to deploy and manage at scale. This live stream will explore the challenges and opportunities of building and operating platforms on Kubernetes from an engineer’s perspective. Vishal and Ram will dive deep into the workings of Cloud Foundry Korifi.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from an experienced practitioner as he talks about navigating the intricacies of Kubernetes, while gaining invaluable insights, and generally fortifying and organization’s engineering prowess in the context of cloud-based platform development.

Expect answers to questions such as

  • How to choose the right infrastructure for Kubernetes
  • Where to begin when implementing a scalable and reliable platform
  • How best to secure a Kubernetes platform
  • What’s the best way to automate platform operations
  • How can we measure and manage platform performance

This event is for engineers who are interested in learning more about building and operating platforms on Kubernetes. Whether you are new to Kubernetes or you are an experienced engineer, we expect that you will have actionable takeaways.

About the Speakers

Vishal Biyani

Founder and CTO at InfraCloud Technologies, Inc.

I'm an experienced engineer with a passion for technology. Currently, I'm the Founder and Chief Technology Officer of InfraCloud Technologies, Inc., leading teams through technical vision to achieve business value by incorporating DevOps & LEAN principles with Cloud & container technologies.

Ram Iyengar


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