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The Past, Present, and Future Of Cloud Foundry With Eric Malm

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A series of live streams that feature members from the recently elected Technical Oversight Committee (TOC).

The guests are directly responsible for oversight, direction, and delivery of technical aspects of the Cloud Foundry projects.The individuals who will feature on this series of webisodes have a ton of experience being contributors, users, and now setting the overall technical direction and roadmap of Cloud Foundry.

The Cloud Foundry community has always been focused on transparency and openness – this initiative furthering the commitment to these principles. Each of the different TOC members has a unique perspective about Cloud Foundry and we believe that it will be both informative and inspiring for the audience.

Expect the discussions to revolve around the core ideas that make up the Cloud Foundry technical tooling, specific issues pertaining to setting up, scaling, and securing Cloud Foundry platforms, a focus on how small teams and startups can benefit, and a healthy dose of business benefits organizations could extract when using Cloud Foundry.

This is a great opportunity to interact with them and have any queries answered. Post your questions to us via open social media channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, mailing list) and get responses live.

About the Speakers

Eric Malm

Product Line Manager

Ram Iyengar

Developer Advocate

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