Cloud Foundry Research Report

How Developers are Mastering Change: Interoperability, Training & Other Indispensable Tools

The proliferation of cloud has had a profound impact on the way companies develop applications, but it isn’t just cloud native architecture that is the change. Developers must deal with new tools, many languages and a complex infrastructure to keep up with new technology.

As companies develop and migrate more of their applications to the cloud, developers and operators find themselves in a complex environment—multi-cloud, multi-platform, multi-language, multi-tool. Integration and interoperability are critical. As companies mature in the cloud, concrete technology choices and standardization have enabled developers to catch their breath and focus on learning specific technologies in demand.This report explores:

  • What a complex multi-cloud, multi-platform world means for developers
  • How IT Decision Makers view digital transformation trends
  • What companies are doing to keep up with the pace of change
  • The training and skills developers need to stay relevant
  • The most dominant training methods

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