Integrating Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes

Project Quarks is an incubating effort within the Cloud Foundry Foundation that packages Cloud Foundry Application Runtime as containers instead of virtual machines, enabling easy deployment to Kubernetes. The resulting containerized CFAR provides an identical developer experience to that of BOSH-managed Cloud Foundry installations, requires less infrastructure capacity and delivers an operational experience that is familiar to Kubernetes operators.

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How Quarks integrates Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes.

Meeting DevOps teams’ need for the simple, agile and flexible delivery of software packaged into containers.

The Power of Cloud Foundry Application Runtime in Kubernetes

Kubernetes is the de facto standard for automating deployment, scaling and management of containers but does not provide a standard model for cloud native application delivery.

Quarks helps bridge those gaps by providing the proven benefits of Cloud Foundry Application Runtime to organizations using Kubernetes such as a complete application lifecycle management platform and consistent developer experience.

Simplified Cloud Foundry Deployment and Management

Quarks converts existing BOSH releases into Docker images and corresponding Helm Charts for installation into Kubernetes.

Quarks uses BOSH releases to create its Docker images. Once those images are deployed into Kubernetes, operators do not need to use BOSH to manage the Cloud Foundry Application Runtime. This approach provides a familiar operator experience for those who are already familiar with Kubernetes and results in a CFAR installation with a smaller memory footprint than one deployed to virtual machines. Kubernetes will provide the automatic scaling of CFAR instances and recovery of failed nodes. With Kubernetes as the underlying infrastructure, Quarks can be easily deployed to any private or public cloud.

Kubernetes Native Cloud Foundry Application Runtime

By combining Eirini and the Quarks projects, the community now has access to a Kubernetes native implementation of Cloud Foundry.

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