The Cloud Native Developer Experience for Kubernetes

Built with the flexibility and modularity of Kubernetes and the simplicity and efficiency of Cloud Foundry.

A Collaborative Approach to Cloud Foundry for Kubernetes

The Cloud Foundry community has spent the last few years evolving the Cloud Foundry architecture to include Kubernetes and other cloud native open source projects.

The cf push Experience for App Developers

Whether you want a full Cloud Foundry developer experience on Kubernetes or are looking to get started with a lighter footprint, Cloud Foundry will continue to evolve to give you the full best-in-class app developer experience when you use Kubernetes.

Start Fast in less than 10 Minutes

Quick installation and a smaller footprint, cf-for-k8s brings the power of cf push to app developers and their teams. Version 1.0 is ready for developers and small production workloads while building toward the future.

Kubernetes Native

Redesigned from the ground up to combine the Cloud Foundry developer API with other popular open source projects like Kubernetes, Istio, Envoy, and Fluentd. Run your apps as OCI compliant container images.

Choose cf-for-k8s today if…

You are focused on app development environments and want to trial Cloud Foundry for small production workloads. You want the basic cf push, using new architectural components (Istio & Fluentd). You prefer installation and operations via Carvel.

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Production PaaS for Kubernetes

Use KubeCF to get the full Cloud Foundry developer experience, packaged as containers and deployed into Kubernetes.

Containerized Cloud Foundry

Repackages the classic Cloud Foundry architecture, giving you the choice of the Diego container scheduler running within Kubernetes or direct Kubernetes scheduling using project Eirini.

Choose KubeCF today if…

You need hosting of production apps today. You want the classic Cloud Foundry architecture repackaged for Kubernetes. You prefer installation and operations via Helm.

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