Cloud Foundry Packaged for Kubernetes

KubeCF is a distribution of Cloud Foundry for Kubernetes. It gives developers the productivity they love from Cloud Foundry and allows platform operators to manage the infrastructure abstraction with Kubernetes tools and APIs.

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Simplifying Developer Experience on Kubernetes

KubeCF brings the simplicity of the Cloud Foundry developer experience to Kubernetes clusters everywhere, letting developers focus more on their code and less on the underlying infrastructure.

Classic Cloud Foundry, Current Infrastructure

The distribution works with the cf-operator from Project Quarks to deploy and manage releases built from cf-deployment, and can be configured to use Kubernetes as the underlying container scheduler using the work of Project Eirini.

Flexible Architecture for Evolving Usage

Thanks to the innovation of the open source community, KubeCF will continue to evolve to best serve developers using Kubernetes with the full Cloud Foundry experience.

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