Adding Sidecars to Cloud Foundry


Cost: Free
Level: Intermediate
Delivery: Online Video

Do your developers want service discovery, client-side load-balancing and mutual TLS security in your polyglot microservices but don’t want to code all of that themselves? Then you may be interested in using a Sidecar. Sidecars are a new model for providing modern “glue” features to your microservice constellation, using a mesh of separate process running alongside your apps. In recent months, Cloud Foundry community members have been investigating how to integrate such systems into CF.

This talk will introduce sidecar systems, show what benefits they provide to your apps, and illustrate how they can be integrated into Cloud Foundry.


About Angela Chin

Angela Chin, software engineer at VMware, currently works on the CF-Container-Networking team. Previously, Angela was a member of the CF-Infrastructure team, which is in charge of BOSH-Bootloader.

About Gabriel Rosenhouse

Gabe is a software engineer at the VMware office in Santa Monica, California. He has been working on Cloud Foundry for 3 years with a focus on networking and security. He co-presented on the Container Networking project at CF Summit North America last year. In past lives, Gabe wrote software for low-cost 3D-printers and high-speed fluorescence microscopes.