Dualing Platforms: Building Services for Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes Using the Open Service Broker API


Cost: Free
Level: Intermediate
Delivery: Online Video

In a digital world, widely adopted and easy to use APIs are the cornerstone of collaboration and interoperability. The Open Service Broker API working group brings together experts from Google, RedHat, VMware, SAP and IBM in order to demolish barriers in the adoption of cloud-native services, with a user-centric approach focused on delivering features based exclusively in real world use cases.

After providing an introduction to cloud-native applications and the need for stateful services, we will explain how the Open Service Broker API project can help developers build a variety of services that can be deployed once and consumed anywhere.

We will then run a live side-by-side demo where we build and deploy a service broker and then consume it from applications running in two different platforms: Cloud Foundry and Kubo (BOSH-powered Kubernetes).