Getting a Handle on Your Microservices: Istio and the Open Source Broker API


Cost: Free
Level: Advanced
Delivery: Online Video

Istio provides a proxy to load balance, control traffic behavior, and distribute access controls between services. The Kubernetes Service Catalog, an Open Service Broker implementation, provisions services that are consumed by applications within a cluster. This presentation will demonstrate how Istio can be utilized to proxy communication between a Kubernetes-hosted application and a Service Catalog provisioned database.

The demonstration will start with two applications bound to the same service broker provided service. We will then leverage Istio to direct traffic between the applications from the web and show the metrics that it is collecting. This will demonstrate how Istio can provide value without any modifications to an application.



About Morgan Bauer

Morgan Bauer works on open source at IBM in San Jose as part of the cloud division. Morgan is a maintainer on Docker and is now looking into Kubernetes and other cloud native technologies.

About Christopher M Luciano

Christopher M Luciano is an Advisory Software Developer for IBM Digital Business group. He currently works full-time on Kubernetes and other Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) projects. Prior to IBM DBG, Christopher was the lead on the Watson container runtime squad. He has previously spoken at Pittsburgh based meetup (Code and Supply) and Kubernetes Days on infrastructure and software operations.