Live Production Debugging with Cloud Foundry and Stackdriver in 3 Easy Steps


Cost: Free
Level: Advanced
Delivery: Online Video

Your new feature was just pushed to prod, but before you can celebrate, a monitoring alarm fires about increased latency for users. This didn’t happen in your dev and QA environments! To debug, do you need to figure out how to better simulate live load? Nah! You can just debug your code live using the Stackdriver Debugger! You may not know, but your Java buildpack already has this feature ready to go! Check out this talk and we’ll show you how easy it is to debug your code live in prod with shareable breakpoints and dynamic log statements.


About Colleen Briant

Colleen is a Software Engineer at Google. She keeps Cloud Foundry developers and operators on the cutting edge of Google Services with the GCP Service Broker and other open source integrations. She has previously spoken at CF Summit Europe 2016 and CF Summit Santa Clara 2017.