Managing Distributed Cloud Native Applications Made Easy


Cost: Free
Level: Advanced
Delivery: Online Video

From an application lifecycle management perspective, the basic deployment unit, the “CF-app”, is not sufficiently equipped with metadata. Thus, people are encoding ID, version and even blue/green deployment status directly into the CF-app-name. Service instances must be created, updated and bound in alignment with the app lifecycle. Routes must be created and (re-)mapped. Dependencies to other apps must be written into environment variables. To achieve all of this, each continuous deployment and release management implementation invents its own script code world to automate application lifecycle operations.

This talk introduces the audience to the challenges of managing distributed cloud native applications with cross-app and service dependencies and need for deployment-specific configuration. The presenters show a service, based on a declarative application model, capable to orchestrate complex deployment processes.

It is demonstrated via concrete examples how this service, positioned as an extension to the platform, brings important added value in the application lifecycle management area and provides the foundation for further innovations.