The New Way to BOSH Deploy


Cost: Free
Level: Advanced
Delivery: Online Video

Before BOSH 2.0, curating deployments required a great deal of orchestration from experienced users of BOSH. Often this was in the form of complex and fragile manifest generation scripts. BOSH 2.0 introduced a simple yet powerful feature for deploying: operations files. In this talk, we will take a deep dive into how to use operations files effectively and utilize them to create a variety of BOSH deployments with ease. Attendees will gain insight on best practices for authoring ops-files, as well as how they fit into a typical deployment workflow.


About Urvashi Reddy

Urvashi Reddy is a Software Engineer at VMware. She is currently the anchor for the Dedicated MySQL team. This team is responsible for creating and maintaining Version 2 of MySQL for PCF which provides on demand service instances. Urvashi was a speaker at both the Berlin and Frankfurt Cloud Foundry Summits.