How to Plan for and Deal with Disaster Recovery in CF


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Level: Intermediate
Delivery: Online Video

People make mistakes. Hardware fails. Hurricanes, volcanoes, acts of God. You’ve installed Cloud Foundry and are running 1000 mission-critical apps. You’re the operator and the health of CF is on your head, how do you sleep at night?

Backups? But.. is backup an outdated term in a cloud native world? What does it mean to back up Cloud Foundry? What components are involved? What about data services?

In this talk Therese and Henry will dig into CF internals to map out what’s required to make reliable backups of Cloud Foundry and app data. They will talk through the challenges of engineering a robust b+r solution that works across IaaSs. They will look at different tools and approaches in use now, and discuss issues like downtime and consistency across multiple components. Finally they will present their proposed BOSH-based framework for backup and recovery plus other potential solutions, from disk imaging to event streams, while considering potential modifications to CF to make it more backup-able.


About Henry Stanley

Software Engineer, Backup & Restore, VMware

About Therese Stowell

Therese Stowell is Product Manager at VMware. She has worked in the software industry for 20+ years as programmer, interface designer, and product manager. She worked on Windows, developing the command line environment, founded a successful social enterprise, and was part of a startup team to win a Nesta Open Data Institute £40,000 prize. She also has an MA in Fine Art. She has extensive speaking experience, most recently presenting at CF Summit 2017 in Santa Clara, moderating a panel on implicit bias in technology and speaking about metrics in Cloud Foundry at the PaaS LOPUG.