To Refactor or Not: How to Systematically Modernize Your Java Applications


Cost: Free
Level: Advanced
Delivery: Online Video

Although Cloud Native Apps are the future, most modern enterprises actually consist of a heterogeneous mix of workloads. Enterprises are now looking beyond just new applications as part of their modernization strategy in order to to reduce technical debt, redesign and re-platform their monolithic java applications to a cloud-native architecture. With such projects increasingly receiving executive attention, initiatives like this begin with big questions – where do I start, what applications make sense to refactor, and what is the user impact?

In this talk we will take you step-by-step and provide a structured framework for:

  • Choosing the right candidate apps for modernization
  • Uncovering the seams in your monolith you that you can carve off
  • Discovering dependencies to reduce cohesion and coupling
  • Minimizing customer impact during migration