Setting up a Multi-Cloud, Enterprise-Grade Cloud Foundry Installation: Bridging Infrastructure Differences with HAProxy


Cost: Free
Level: Intermediate
Delivery: Online Video

AWS, Azure, GCP, OpenStack, etc. why choose when you can have them all? Give your users the freedom to decide which infrastructure perfectly suits their needs!

We share our experience with the SAP multi-cloud platform and show how to setup an enterprise-grade Cloud Foundry that supports high performance SSL termination, advanced access control for embargoed countries and restricted development environments, enhanced logging capabilities and many other features. With HAProxy you can achieve all of that not only with one, but with all major IaaS providers.

Every infrastructure has its unique set of powerful features and minor shortcomings. Each has its own way of handling incoming traffic. HAProxy sits right behind the IaaS specific load-balancer. It adds missing features and works around infrastructure differences in order to provide a seamless multi-cloud interface to the endpoints of Cloud Foundry and a streamlined experience to the user. No matter what IaaS provider was chosen.

The best part is: You can start building right now. All features have already been integrated into the haproxy-boshrelease of the cloundfoundry-incubator organization on GitHub.