Windows Server Containers for Cloud Foundry


Cost: Free
Level: Advanced
Delivery: Online Video

The Garden Windows team has been working hard to bring Windows Server Containers to Cloud Foundry. We’ll be providing an update on our progress in implementing Windows Server Containers support, and discuss the architecture of this implementation. We’ll assess the new file-system and network isolation provided by Windows Server Containers, and cover some of the differences between Windows Server 2012R2 “containers” and the Windows Server Containers offered in Windows Server 2016. We’ll also touch on the concept of HyperV isolation, which is new in Windows Server 2016.


About Sunjay Bhatia

Software Engineer, VMware Software, Inc.

About Matthew Horan

Matthew Horan has spent over a decade developing Web applications. Before becoming a developer, he worked as a systems administrator at various startups and hosting providers. Having worked with just about every configuration management tool, and being a developer by trade, he was naturally drawn to Cloud Foundry. He has focused on .NET due to a desire to bring the best practices of VMware’s Cloud Foundry platform to a wider audience.