Cloud Foundry Research Report

Cloud Foundry User Survey 2020

Find out how Cloud Foundry reduces software development cycle times

This report is a collection of data from the fourth annual Cloud Foundry user survey. Hear from users to find out how the developer-first platform Cloud Foundry is driving the future of business.

Key findings include:

• Cloud Foundry Reduces Software Development Cycle Time – Adoption of Cloud Foundry continues to support dramatic reductions in the length of software development cycles for its users, with 65% of survey respondents indicating that the time to develop and deploy applications was between 1 to 6 months before adopting Cloud Foundry. After adopting Cloud Foundry, 69% of responses reported that time having been reduced to between 1 day and 3 weeks.

Cloud Foundry Supports Mission Critical Software – 47% of responses indicated deploying mission critical software to Cloud Foundry, and 65% of responses indicated production use of the technology.

Cloud Foundry Used With Kubernetes – Cloud Foundry is used in conjunction with Kubernetes in 57% of organizations responding to the survey, and a total of 69% of respondents reported using Kubernetes within their organizations. A significant number of organizations also report already using several other open source projects, which have recently been integrated with Cloud Foundry: Istio (29% using), Prometheus (55%), and Fluentd (29%).