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American Airlines Adopts Cloud Foundry to Deliver Apps Faster

By March 27, 2017
  If you want to know why the world’s largest airline is using Cloud Foundry, here’s the key point: It’s all about delivery velocity. At IBM Interconnect in March, American Airlines’ Daniel Henry joined IBM’s Arvind Krishna on stage to talk about the progress the airline is making to deliver innovative experiences for its customers … Continue reading "American Airlines Adopts Cloud Foundry to Deliver Apps Faster"

Ford Transforms its Customer Experience with Cloud Foundry

By March 6, 2017
Ford Motor Company recognizes the future of the auto industry is much more than simply manufacturing vehicles. This recognition gives way to the need for digital transformation, and now the automotive giant has turned to Cloud Foundry to fuel this next chapter. Ford has announced its intentions to expand its business to be both an … Continue reading "Ford Transforms its Customer Experience with Cloud Foundry"

Sundance Institute Taps Pivotal Cloud Foundry for New Digital Platform [Reblog]

By February 13, 2017
Sundance Institute has created a vibrant artist community around its film festivals and original work, and wanted to strengthen bonds via an engaging digital environment that complements what it does in the physical world. “Their goal is to provide a more appealing and innovative web experience and establish a vibrant digital brand to more fully … Continue reading "Sundance Institute Taps Pivotal Cloud Foundry for New Digital Platform [Reblog]"

Mercedes-Benz Embraces Rapid App Delivery with Cloud Foundry [Reblog]

By February 9, 2017

In the race for the connected car of the future, Mercedes is continually evolving Mercedes me, an app and service which relies on microservices and continuous delivery enabled by Pivotal Cloud Foundry. Daimler wanted to take Mercedes me to the next level by focusing on a more customer-centric approach with the ability to integrate user…

Volkswagen Group Drives Multi-Cloud App Strategy with Cloud Foundry

By January 26, 2017
The Volkswagen Group’s quest for the connected car of the future is grounded in open source cloud technology. In June 2016, the company initiated its most ambitious strategy change to date. “We formulated a clear vision: Volkswagen is to become a globally leading provider of sustainable mobility solutions,” said Dr. Roy Sauer, Head of IT … Continue reading "Volkswagen Group Drives Multi-Cloud App Strategy with Cloud Foundry"

RWS Automates Management of Dutch Physical Infrastructure with Cloud Foundry

By January 17, 2017

  The Dutch Government is using cloud-based software to manage the country’s physical infrastructure. Rijkswaterstaat (RWS), the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, is responsible for policy, implementation and inspection of the country’s airways, waterways, railways, roads, harbors and ports. RWS depends on data to run efficiently and, thanks to software powered by Cloud Foundry,…

Cloud Foundry Helps Diabetizer Reduce Startup Investment 90%

By December 8, 2016

Diabetes is a group of diseases that result in high blood sugar. People with diabetes—an estimated 300 million worldwide—face a considerable challenge: to keep track of blood glucose, diet, and exercise, and to monitor the health of their bodies, combat the disease, and ward off serious complications. The mission of Diabetizer, based in Hannover, is…

Fidelity’s DevOps Approach Steers Digital Transformation

By December 7, 2016

How does a financial services giant stay nimble and competitive in the cloud era? For Fidelity International, the key is the adoption of cloud-based agile software delivery. Fidelity International, a privately-owned company founded in 1969, manages more than £223.4 billion for clients across the globe. Forty seven years of operational history give Fidelity an advantage…

Allianz Delivers Apps Faster in Digital Transformation

By November 9, 2016

Cloud Foundry adoption and a top-down agile approach to organization and software development shortens app deployment from days to minutes Even insurance giants face digital disruption. Although European financial services company Allianz has 85 million customers, 140,000 employees, and insures three-fourths of the top global companies, it keeps a close eye on venture-backed startups and…