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5 Cloud Foundry Summit Sessions For Developers To Build Out Your CI/CD Practice

This is the seventh in a series from our Cloud Foundry community on why to attend Cloud Foundry Summit in Boston, April 18-20. Register here.

Having a CI/CD practice plays a massive role in the success of teams building cloud-native applications. It’s what streamlines the process between code being checked into a repository and pushed into production. That may include everything from unit tests, integration tests, compliance sign-offs, code scanning, and more. As long as those steps are manual, it can takes weeks or months for code to make it into production, giving developers the feedback they need to develop the next iteration.

Continuous integration is not new. However, the environments and architectures are changing. Pipelines need to run on a wide range of cloud infrastructure with consistent, repeatable configurations. Developers are taking on more responsibility in prod, which means they don’t want to manage pipeline infrastructure and need to quickly snap into alignment around issues when tests are failed. Teams need to be able to reason through their pipelines, even as the compliance steps and other jobs increase the overall complexity of the pipeline.

So, how do you get started? Building up a consistent CI practice can feel daunting if you’re starting from zero. Fortunately, Cloud Foundry Summit 2018 is going to kick off on April 18 at the Boston Convention Center, and there are plenty of great talks around application CI/CD with Concourse. Here are a few highlights:

Train up your skills: Hands-on Lab: Deploy Applications Safely Using Concourse

Authors of the incredibly popular Concourse Tutorials, the Stark & Wayne team will be holding a hands-on seminar on using Concourse to deploy applications. It should be quite informative for those looking for more practical experience using Concourse.

Concourse All of the Things at All Times

How do large engineering organizations build reliable and well-defined processes to help dev teams get their work to production?”

Derek Van Assche from HS2 Solutions and Jason Immerman from Zipcar will be going over how they used Concourse to automate the testing, integration and deployment of over 100 applications.

Challenges in Migrating Legacy .NET Apps into PCF

“…how we created fully automated continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines using Concourse and PCF for legacy .NET application.”

Yes, even .NET applications can be cloud-native. Setting up CI/CD pipelines is part of modernizing any application, .NET included. In this talk, learn how Krystian Czepiel from Grape Up used CI and CD pipelines to automate legacy .NET applications.

Transforming a Bank with a Highly-Opinionated Automated Release Pipeline

“…how we’ve automated all the things while still giving developers the freedom to be successful.

Even highly regulated banks can move towards daily and hourly deployments using highly-opinionated pipeline architectures. Reid Levesque’s talk from RBC should surely inspire your teams to get started with CI/CD.

From No Delivery to Continuous Delivery: How the Air Force Gave In and Embraced Industry

“…how the Air Force is mimicking Silicon Valley culture, growing its agile competency and continuously delivering better products to the warfighter, faster.”

Listen to how Adam Furtado, Chief of Product, and the Kessel Run team adopted Continuous Delivery to accelerate the US Air Force’s agile software development process and deliver better products to the warfighter, faster.

On the Platform Ops side of things?

Read about the five sessions using Concourse for Platform Ops you should attend at Cloud Foundry Summit.

Cloud Foundry Summit North America 2018 is happening in Boston from April 18-20. You can register here and use CFNA18DREWITZ for a 20% discount on your attendee registration. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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