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Mark Your EU Summit Calendar: Grape Up’s Announcement in Basel

Cloud Foundry Summit Europe in Basel is right around the corner (October 10-11)! Here at Grape Up, we’re already looking forward to this event, especially because both Cloud Foundry Summits in the United States and Europe are always top highlights of our year.

Ever since we clocked into summer, we’ve been preparing for Summit in Basel. Twice each year, Cloud Foundry Summit provides us with endless opportunities to exchange knowledge and experiences with other cloud experts. We are curious about the intriguing conference line-up during all three days and equally excited to break the news to the industry about our new product – You’ll have to wait and see what we announce on stage!

“I am so glad to be attending the Summit in Basel,” Anna Śniegowska, our marketing manager at Grape Up, told me. “As a company that specializes in cloud, we could not hope for a more perfect environment for both sharing knowledge and learning. And the fact that we will be announcing our news on-site opens a whole new chapter for Grape Up. This is huge!”

The keynotes and presentations paint a full picture of what is happening in the area of cloud computing. We’re looking forward to the talk Sky is the Limit for Cloud Foundry at AirFrance-KLM from Nathan Wattimena and Fabien Lebrere to learn more about the global cloud-native transformation across AFKLM, businesses and IT teams.

Apart from all the exciting talks about business transformation and cloud journeys, the Foundry — Summit’s expo hall — will be the place where we will be eagerly networking and talking with visitors at our booth as well as with fellow teams in the industry. As avid contributors to the growth and global success of the Cloud Foundry platform, we can’t wait to learn about others’ experiences and point of views.

At the Grape Up booth — apart from educating visitors about Cloud Foundry and its benefits and showcasing our news — we will also be talking about our four flagship services in the context of Cloud Foundry:

  • Platform Enablement
  • Engineer Enablement
  • Application Transformation
  • Application Development

We will be more than happy to shed light on how we influence a company’s digital transformation and enable engineers to achieve the best results through our customized lab approach. In addition, we can discuss how we leverage pair-programming, extreme- programming (XP) and test-driven development (TDD), and combine them with an agile approach for faster time-to-market for new products.

Of course, we could take all the time in the world to discuss these topics, but we will have to limit it to three days!

The entire Grape Up team is super excited to see you at Cloud Foundry Summit in Basel! (Don’t forget to register!)


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