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90 Days into the Cloud Foundry Foundation

Yesterday was the 90th day of the existence of the Cloud Foundry Foundation.  Incepted on January 21, 2015, we have been sprinting and growing ever since.  We had the advantages of a strong wave of goodwill towards Cloud Foundry as a project; the auspices of the Linux Foundation where we are housed as a collaborative project; and a force of expectations of what the Cloud Foundry Foundation should and could do.

Team building is the most important thing in the bootstrapping phase, and we’ve been fortunate to attract great people.  We now have a permanent staff of 7 people supported by an extended team from the Linux Foundation for core functions like events, marketing, Finance, HR, and operations.  We also have organized key parts of the Cloud Foundry community including the PMC, project leads, and the board of directors (representing Swisscom, EMC, VMware, IBM, HP, VMware, Intel, SAP, and ActiveState).  This has led to greater transparency in the development process and the shaping of the Cloud Foundry roadmap.

We’ve formalized our mission of governance and ecosystem development, attracted new members, and have begun serving our launch members through a listening tour which will continue through May.  We’ve begun to collaborate with key open source projects like OpenStack and Docker, which we believe will serve the Cloud Foundry community.  As part of our listening tour, we’re seeing keen interest by users to establish industry-specific working groups to tackle areas of use including Financial Services, Telecommunications, and the Industrial Internet.

The most exciting single event on the near horizon is the Cloud Foundry Summit 2015.  This will be held on May 11-12 in Santa Clara, California.  It will gather over 1200 members of the Cloud Foundry community including users, project leads, developers, and IT operators together to share their experiences and future expectations for the project.  We hope to see diversity in participation at the Summit, and most importantly we hope to see you there in person to meet you, listen to you, and learn from each other.

Please join us in Silicon Valley in May.

If you can participate, please register at and use code CF15MEET.

If that’s too far to travel, let us know and we’ll make sure that we can help support a Cloud Foundry meetup near you, and Cloud Foundry Summits in Europe and Asia are on our roadmap for 2015.