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An Invitation to the New + Improved Cloud Foundry Community Page

To the Cloud Foundry community:

You are the driving force behind the Cloud Foundry platform. Your passion for building stable and sustainable technology with an open source ethos has brought you together–but it’s not the only thing that keeps you here. At least, it’s not the only thing that keeps me here. It’s you: the people who build, use, and evangelize Cloud Foundry with the unifying belief that the world can become a better place when collaboration and kindness are the backbone of a community dedicated to simplifying the lives of developers.

You participate in community in the best ways you can–from contributing or committing code to the platform to writing docs to answering questions on Slack to responding with humor to a Tweet to building out a repo in GitHub. You get on stage at Cloud Foundry Summits and Meetups, you staff our booths at tradeshows, you share questions and answers on the mailing list and you welcome newbies to the community with open arms.

We’ve built out a new Community page on the Cloud Foundry website to centralize all of this information and make it easier to share with folks as they begin the journey of becoming a part of the Cloud Foundry community. I’d like to invite you to explore this page for easy definitions of Cloud Foundry, documentation, contributing and committing, proposing a project, code of conduct, and a brand new Jobs Board with Cloud Foundry-related employment opportunities.

This page is a hub for the community — both experts and novices — to find (and share) everything Cloud Foundry! Download the Community Get Started infographic and share this page with community folks who have questions about Cloud Foundry.

Join the Cloud Foundry Community InfographicAs always, we are here to help and support you — so if you have suggestions for ways to change or improve this page, please drop me a note via email or on Slack.

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Swarna Podila, AUTHOR

Swarna is the Senior Director of Community at the Cloud Foundry Foundation, where she focuses on enriching the Cloud Foundry community.