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Announcing a Cloud Foundry Backup and Restore Plugin Using the CF API

We are happy to announce that our proposal for an API-based Cloud Foundry CLI Plugin for backup and restore has been accepted. It is now an incubating project under the Cloud Foundry Extensions PMC. This plugin is an effort to offer a simple way of migrating workloads between two foundations.

The plugin allows backup and restore of the CCDB using the CF API. This plugin intends to use the CF API to transfer apps, orgs, spaces, and other data between foundations. Using an API-only approach ensures compatibility and flexibility.

We have documented the scope and initial requirements here.

One use case for this plugin is when Cloud Foundry users need to migrate from a BOSH deployment of Cloud Foundry to a Kubernetes-based Cloud Foundry.

We are looking for feedback on our approach, and contributors to make it happen.

Please find us in the #cf-backup-restore channel on Slack.

This post was co-authored by Vlad Iovanov and Enrique Encalada.

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