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Video: How to Debug Cloud Foundry

Many Cloud Foundry users use monolithic applications with LAMP stack, microservices, and a mix of service mesh. Ideally, there would be one tool to manage all of these, but that’s not the case. Customers have to deal with different interfaces.

According to Idit Levine, founder and CEO of, there are three groups in today’s ecosystem: monolith apps, microservices, and serverless. Migrating workloads among these choices and debugging them becomes a big challenge.

Levine’s vision is to have one tool to manage everything. In order to achieve that, she proposes breaking the applications into functions. Not literal refactoring or breaking them, but discovering and routing functions to be assembled into hybrid apps.

Her vision is to provide a unified ecosystem allowing IT teams to seamlessly combine existing functionalities and deploy scheduled monitor, debug, and log applications using a single tool.

Watch her detailed demo to learn all about her vision!

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