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Announcing: Cloud Foundry Summit Berlin

The Cloud Foundry Foundation is thrilled to announce our inaugural European Cloud Foundry Summit is taking place in Berlin on November 2 & 3.


We will be opening up sponsorship opportunities soon, but in the meantime, our Call for Papers to present is now available.

The deadline for submission is September 11, 2015 so get your pencils sharpened.

Know you want to present but don’t know what you want to talk about?

Here’s what we’re looking for:

User Stories
We want to hear how you (or your customers) are using Cloud Foundry. What results are you seeing? What challenges have you overcome that will make deploying Cloud Foundry easier for others?
This track will give attendees an inside look at Cloud Foundry from the perspective of those who have been there and done that..or are going there and doing that.
Operating Cloud Foundry
Operators: We want to hear how you are deploying Cloud Foundry in your own environments. What has it enabled you to do that you couldn’t before? How has it changed your company’s culture? These are the talks that have a healthy mix of developer and operations content.
How Developers Can Take Advantage of Cloud Foundry
Developers: This is the track for those of you on the front lines of deployment. We’re looking for talks that go deep on devops. Talks that tell stories of people and tools coming together. Continuous integration, continuous deployment and continuous innovation are the key themes of this track.
Please feel free to reach out to Devin Davis if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you in Berlin in November!

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