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Announcing Stratos 2.0.0 Release

The Stratos team is delighted to announce the 2.0 release of the Stratos project. Stratos is an open source management user interface that provides operators and developers a web-based  console to manage their Cloud Foundry applications and Cloud Foundry environments. Stratos can be deployed in Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes or Docker environments.

Stratos 2.0

The Stratos team has been working tirelessly over the past few months to get to a 2.0 release. This release represents a major update from 1.0; the front-end UI has been completely rebuilt using the new Angular framework and has been overhauled to adopt Material Design. We’ve restructured the UX to make it easier to locate information and navigate.


  • Rebuilt front-end using the latest Angular framework
  • New UX adopting Material Design
  • New Services UI, bringing Services and Marketplace views and management to the top-level with a richer capability set
  • Improved top-level Cloud Foundry management views and drill-downs
  • Cleaner Application view with Instances and Routes now shown on separate tabs
  • Applications can now be re-deployed from GitHub
  • Improved card layouts showing information at-a-glance

Stratos is an open source project, part of the Cloud Foundry Extensions PMC. Since joining Extensions at the start of the year, more companies have started to adopt it and contribute towards its development.

The 2.0 Release marks a major milestone for Stratos – but we’re not done. Join the community, find out what’s coming next and help us shape the future of Stratos.

Check out Stratos, join the discussion on CF Slack (#stratos) or submit issues and pull requests on GitHub.

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