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Cloud Foundry BOSH on OpenPOWER systems open sourced!!

In a previous blog, we had described how we enabled Cloud Foundry to run on OpenPOWER systems based on the IBM POWER architecture. We have now upstreamed changes into the Cloud Foundry BOSH source code repository. New versions of the Cloud Foundry BOSH stemcell and the bosh and openstack-cpi releases can be built for OpenPOWER systems from the latest code in the BOSH source code repository. Developers can use regular deployment steps as described in the Cloud Foundry document: “How to setup Openstack environment and deploy Bosh” with the following publicly available binaries:

  1. Bosh Stemcell Ubuntu Trusty Openstack KVM (raw): download v3232, see source
  2. bosh-init: download v0.0.91, see source
  3. bosh-release: download v257.3, see source
  4. openstack-cpi-release: download v25, see source


A regular bosh init deployment manifest can be used after substituting the urls for the Intel x86 stemcell and releases with the corresponding ones for OpenPOWER as described in this example manifest. Developers can also build these stemcell and releases from source code using regular build steps as described here and  here. OpenStack instances on OpenPOWER can be requested for free for open source development from the Open Source Lab at Oregon State University.

Next up, code changes, binaries and continuous integration pipelines for enabling cf-release, buildpacks and concourse-release on OpenPOWER. We will post new updates to this blog as and when these become available.


With contributions from Yulia Gaponenko, Konstantin Maximov, Alexey Miroshkin, Peter Kalambet at IBM

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Indrajit Poddar, AUTHOR

Indrajit Poddar is a Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM Systems where he works on enabling cloud native frameworks such as Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes on hardware accelerated platforms such as OpenPOWER.