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Thank You For Making Cloud Foundry Day 2022 A Success!

This is a “thank you” post.

Cloud Foundry Day 2022, the first in-person event in over 3 years for the Cloud Foundry community, happened as a co-located event along with KubeCon + CLoudNativeCon 2022 at Detroit on 25th October. It was heartening to see folks from the community get together and share their Cloud Foundry stories.

First on the list of folks to whom we owe this success are our sponsors – VMware and anynines. A big thanks – on behalf of the whole community – for coming forward and sponsoring the event. Next, the Linux Foundation Events team, in particular Deb Giles and Naomi Washington for their help with setting up the whole event and managing the logistics. The number of tasks they accomplished would be too long to list out in this rather short post. In addition, we received enormous help from Jennifer Crowley and Christie Davis during the CFP process and fulfilling sponsorship packages.

Special thanks to the Program Committee comprising Norm Abramovitz, Julian Fischer, and Matthew Kocher. The CFF appreciates you folks for volunteering to be a part of the team that selected the talks to be delivered during the event.

Unfortunately, not all those who submit a CFP can be accommodated on stage. This was true for our conference too. While we received a number of great submissions, in the end, we narrowed down our selection to fourteen talks. The final lineup consisted of a great mix of talks about BOSH and VM-based Cloud Foundry, CF and Kubernetes, and Paketo Buildpacks. The lineup also boasted of a good balance of technical talks, community updates, and working group status. The talks were in two formats – presentations that ran for 25 minutes and lightning talks that were 10 minutes long. So, a big thanks to all those who took the time to submit CFPs, with a special mention to those who were selected to speak on stage.

The talks were well received by the audience and we got positive feedback even during the course of the day about the quality of talks. Big cheers to all the presenters for upholding high standards and professionalism with their content and conduct.

We would like to thank those who were able to join us at the venue and also on the virtual platform. The participation from this community was what made the event a great success. Attendees flew in from various corners of the US and also different places around the world, giving us an opportunity to showcase the breadth and diversity of the Cloud Foundry community.

A final note of thanks to our Public Relations team (Eckert Comms) who helped in promoting the event across the right channels and orchestrating a PR release announcing our new project Korifi and election of Catherine McGarvey as the Cloud Foundry Governing Board chair.

We will sign off with a “See You Soon”. We are currently discussing our plans for future CF events. Watch out for more announcements at the start of the new year.


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