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Q&A: Colin Humphreys, CloudCredo

At this year’s Cloud Foundry Berlin Summit, we’ve built in something new: training. One of the driving forces behind this valuable addition to the program is CloudCredo’s CEO, Colin Humphreys. Colin kicks off day two of the summit with a talk on changes enterprises can make to take advantage of platforms like Cloud Foundry.


Colin Humphreys

Colin Humphreys


How did you get involved in Cloud Foundry?

For many years I’ve been building PaaS-like systems for companies such as EBay, Volkswagen, Philips, Cineworld, and others – I just didn’t realise my systems were PaaSes. When I saw Derek Collison and Mark Lucovsky presenting Cloud Foundry at the launch I decided to change the direction of my career. I created a Vagrant-based CF image and sent it to my clients that very day. I progressed to delivering the world’s first production Cloud Foundry and also (what I believe to be) the world’s largest multi-cloud Cloud Foundry installation. I’ve been running CloudCredo for two years; we help organisations deliver with Cloud Foundry and BOSH. We also love XP and Continuous Delivery.

What are you speaking about at Cloud Foundry Summit Berlin?

I’m talking about the necessary changes in the modern enterprise to take advantage of a tool like Cloud Foundry; where we’ve been successful, and where we can try harder. At CloudCredo we’ve got a range of experience across our client base from which we have observed some patterns for improving delivery. Spoiler alert: continuous innovation requires more than just a new tool.

I’m also playing a part in the training being delivered by CloudCredo at the Summit. We’re running three tracks: beginners, cloud-native development, and operations. We’re really excited to bring our wealth of consultancy and training experience to the Summit.

What do you hope people will learn from your talk?

I hope people take a holistic view of the system in which they operate and realise Cloud Foundry is a tool to help them deliver their objectives faster and more efficiently. Other elements in the system may also need to change to take full advantage of the iterative speed Cloud Foundry enables.

What excites you about being part of the Cloud Foundry ecosystem?

The Cloud Foundry community is amazing. Bringing together a diverse range of vendors and organisations towards a common goal has given us a fantastic opportunity to help the world deliver better services faster.


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