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Q&A: Kira Combs, VMware

One of the great things about the Cloud Foundry community is the incredible wealth of experience it has at its core. And by core, we’re talking about not just the code, but the incredibly talented people behind the industry standard platform for applications. One of those humans is Kira Combs, a software engineer at VMware. Kira will take the stage in Berlin to talk about an important piece of the PaaS puzzle: logging and metrics.


Headshot - Kira Combs

Kira Combs


How did you get involved in Cloud Foundry?

I applied to work with Cloud Foundry a little over half a year ago without knowing too much about it. Now I am an active contributor who enjoys working on and with Cloud Foundry every day.

What are you speaking about at Cloud Foundry Summit Berlin?

I am speaking about the logging and metrics piece of Cloud Foundry. I will be giving a basic overview of the Loggregator metrics system, list and explain a few of the important metrics to monitor a Cloud Foundry installation, and end with a short demo of an app I created to list which metrics come from which components in Cloud Foundry.

What do you hope people will learn from your talk?

It is my sincere hope that people will walk away from my talk with at the very least the basics of the logging and metrics system and to give them resources to better understand and monitor Cloud Foundry installations.

What excites you about being part of the Cloud Foundry ecosystem?

I love seeing how the ecosystem changes and how users are using Cloud Foundry in a variety of different ways for a variety of different purposes. Every day I feel like you can learn something new about Cloud Foundry (which I do). I love having the ability to refactor and commit changes that make a better quality product for users.


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