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Video: Cloud Foundry, Mendix and Low-Code

2017 Highlights

This past June, at Cloud Foundry Summit Silicon Valley, journalist Michael Vizard moderated a panel discussion with users of Mendix and Cloud Foundry as well as the CTO of Mendix — a low-code, high-productivity platform that enables enterprises to transform how their organizations innovate and compete with applications.

The panel included Johan den Haan, CTO at Mendix; Beth Ann Bergsmark, the Interim Deputy CIO and Assistant Vice President and Chief Enterprise Architect at Georgetown University; Olu Brown, Director of Platform Engagement at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT); and Jonathan Foucheaux, one of the founding Partners of Solomon Group.

The discussion spanned an array of topics, including the similarities between Cloud Foundry and low-code; how the panelists consume Mendix technologies within their organizations; how Cloud Foundry adoption and low-code are changing their company culture; and how it is affecting both software development and business model.

So how are Cloud Foundry and low-code similar? Den Haan explained: “What Cloud Foundry is doing is supplying abstraction and automation to application deployment and operations…Low-code is doing the exact same thing: abstraction and automation.”

The panel agreed unanimously that both make it faster to develop and deploy applications.

The panel also discussed ways in which technologies like Cloud Foundry and low-code have enabled non-coders to get involved in application development — resulting  in deeper engagement at different levels within an organization.

Watch the video here:

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