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Cloud Foundry Community Survey Shows Project is Mature, Mainstream with Powerful Community Support

In a survey of more than 300, respondents are also evaluating and deploying latest container technologies

San Francisco, September 2, 2016Attendees of the Cloud Foundry Summit in Silicon Valley this past May described Cloud Foundry as a mature, comprehensive and cohesive platform with a strong, active and engaged community.

“One of the many things we love about our community is how open it isto new technologies, new ideas, and new approaches. Our recent Silicon Valley Summit is a great example,” said Sam Ramji, CEO of Cloud Foundry Foundation. “This survey includes many first-time event participants from Global 2000 enterprises to smaller organizationsall educating themselves on Cloud Foundry. These findings indicate a rapid shift to digital transformation via Cloud Foundry.”

Cloud Foundry has been developed through the collective effort of EMC, HPE, IBM, VMware, SAP and worldwide leaders in manufacturing, telecommunications and financial services. Only Cloud Foundry delivers the velocity needed to develop apps at the speed of business. Cloud Foundry’s container-based architecture runs apps in any language on any cloudAmazon Web Services (AWS), Google Compute Platform (GCP), IBM SoftLayer, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack, VMware vSphere, and more. With a robust services ecosystem and simple integration to existing technologies, Cloud Foundry is the modern standard for mission critical apps for global enterprises.

The survey’s highlights include:

  • Large companies gravitate to Cloud Foundry because:
    • It is a mature, solid platform
    • It is a holistic solution
    • It has a great community
  • Challenges:
    • It can seem difficult and/or complex to deploy
    • Other possible solutions:
        • Kubernetes (although most choose to deploy both technologies)  
        • AWS (due to “simplicity”)
        • A combination of other productsor DIY solutions.

Download the full report including the survey results by visiting: 

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