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Cloud Foundry Day 2022 Recordings!

Catch up on all the great learning from Cloud Foundry Day 2022!

Here’s a chance to relive all the talks from the Cloud Foundry Day 2022 held on Oct 25th, co–located with KubeCon + CloudNativeCon. We have uploaded all the talks to our YouTube Channel. Those who want to use the playlist can head there directly.

This blog post indexes all the talks and provides some context to each of the topics and speakers. The first talk of the day was the Keynote address by Catherine McGarvey. Catherine is a Vice President at VMware and is also the current Chair of the Cloud Foundry Foundation Governing Board. In her talk titled “Cloud Foundry: The Standard For Developer Experience and Evolution Forward”, she explains the present status of Cloud Foundry, quantifies the community contributions, and identifies the initiatives to look forward to.

Next, was a talk by Julian Fischer, CEO of anynines. In this talk, filled with anecdotes and personal stories, Julian looks into the rear-view mirror and shares ten years of history working with Cloud Foundry. He talks about the transformation Cloud Foundry brought – both as a technology as well as a community.

Up next, were a couple of great talks about the latest Cloud Foundry community project called Korifi. If you haven’t heard already, this project is an attempt to build the Cloud Foundry experience to be available on Kubernetes. It provides a complete developer experience for those working with the platform including build, deployment, load balancing, networking, logs, and ingress. The demo by Dave Walter and Andrew Wittrock covers this. The second talk by Tim Downey exposes listeners to some of the internals of the tool.

We then had a series of talks on Cloud Foundry for VMs. First, we had a talk about App Runtime Interfaces. Greg Cobb, the working group lead, presented the latest projects, collaborations, features, improvements, and more. In his talk, he covered the changes from both the product interface and technical implementation perspectives.

Next was a lightning talk by two presented from SAP – Silvestre Zabala and Muhammad Arsalan Khan. Their talk titled “New Features in App Autoscaler: Automated Scaling for Apps Running on Cloud Foundry” delved into the workings of the App Autoscaler and they demonstrated their ability to keep large CF foundations afloat for several customers.

Maya Rosecrance was next and she gave an update on behalf of the Foundational Infrastructure Working Group in addition to a deep dive on NATS Cert rotation improvement. She also provided valuable insights into component updates while also sharing a brief roadmap.

Eric Malm, one of the members of the Technical Oversight Committee, was on stage next and he provided an update on behalf of the entire TOC. He covered a bit of the history of the formation of the TOC and the working groups.

The next talks on stage were focused on the Paketo project. Up first were Ryan Moran and Sofie Wigmore giving the community an update on behalf of the Paketo Working Group. They also had a few demo components to showcase the different features. Following them was Timothy Hitchener with a short session on how to accomplish debugging when using Paketo buildpacks.

The next session was by Jochen Echret from SAP and titled “Putting Wind in the Sails of the CF API”. In this talk, Jochen elaborated the efforts that went into keeping Cloud Foundry performant for some of the largest installations in the world. He also showed the performance data and stability improvements from the recent reimplementation of Cloud Controller to GO lang.

Our final talks were three lightning talks to conclude the day. Long Nguyen of VMware giving a quick update about migrating to Jammy Jellyfish, followed by David Stevenson about a recent burst of activity around VM resizing for operating Cloud Foundry installations, and lastly Carson Long talking about the future roadmap of Logging and Metrics for Cloud Foundry.

Overall, we believe that we captured the essence of KubeCon _ CloudNativeCon well, which was “Building For The Road Ahead”. The one thing we’re sorry about is not being able to capture all the conversations from the “hallway track” and being able to transport folks to relive the discussions that happened among the community members.

Happy viewing!

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