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Q1 2020: Cloud Foundry Release Notes Report

Cloud Foundry Release Notes Report: January – March 2020

The first quarter of 2020 was a busy time for the Cloud Foundry project teams, with some major updates. In this release roll-up, we bring you notable changes and a semi-comprehensive round-up of release info from January through March. Please note that a ton of major releases came out in April, not covered here —  Stay tuned for the Q2 release!  As always, please do not hesitate to email us if you have any questions or feedback.

Notable Changes

  • The Bits-Service project team announced the discontinuation of the project.
  • The Diego Team has decided to manage development directly in GitHub rather than through GitHub<==>Pivotal Tracker. This simplification aims to provide more visibility for the community and simplify the overall processes for the Diego team.
  • The KubeCF project team announced the first major release – 1.0 in March.
  • The Quarks project team announced three major releases – v2.0.0, v3.0.0, and v4.0.0,  between January and March 2020.
  • BOSH project teams adopted a distributed committer model; read the notification.
  • Major release from the Stratos UI team: v3.0.0

Cloud Foundry Application Runtime

Cloud Foundry API

  • Added a substantial number of features for orgs and spaces. Improved performance and user experience for admin users, space developer users, and platform operators.

CAPI Releases:

Cloud Foundry CLI

  • The CLI project team needs your feedback on v7 beta. Please file a GitHub issue or reach out on Cloud Foundry Slack (#v3-acceleration-team) if you have feedback or a bug report for the CF CLIv7 beta.
  • CF CLI now only negotiates TLS 1.2 connections. The cipher suites are restricted to those recommended by the Mozilla SSL Configuration Generator.

CLI Releases:


  • Fixed the issue of an incorrect error message being displayed for an invalid UAA token. Operators now see the correct “401 unauthorized” message instead of “403 forbidden” message when the access token is expired.

Networking Releases:


  • A configurable app log rate limiting feature has been published to address the “noisy neighbor problem.”

Diego Releases:


  • Updates include: 
    • minor updates and polishes to improve security, deployability, and resilience to blobstore/bits service failures, to support custom ports, and to push meaningful failure messages;
    • integrations with KubeCF;
    • username/password support for Docker images; and
    • support for Cloud Foundry API V3 deployments.

Eirini Releases:


  • Project team announced a major release (1.0).
  • Supports Stratos on KubeCF.
  • Added integration tests (called SITS) to CI.

KubeCF Releases:

User Account & Authentication

  • UAA switched from /dev/random to /dev/urandom as a source of cryptographic randomness. As such, the Java process running the UAA will need to be started with -D
  • Features and updates include:
    • added database index on revocable tokens table.

UAA Releases:


Project Quarks

  • Ability to control processes lifecycle managed by `containerrun` through a socket.
  • Support for manual volume configuration in containers.
  • Support for Helm 3.

Quarks Releases

Extensions PMC

Stratos UI

  • Lots of new features for this release, improved Helm charts and bug fixes

Stratos UI Releases:


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